The History of the Modern Mac

NeXTOK, that was fun. My voice barely made it, but I managed to talk for the better part of 2 hours, about nothing but geek stuff.
In the mid 90s it was very hard to be a Mac fan. But this group of people, like many other faithful users, did it anyway. They bombed down to Boston every year in a van and rubbed shoulders with some of the biggest names in tech — in the 90s anyway.
Sign of me!Talking about the company Steve Jobs created after he left Apple in 1984, and how what that company pioneered changed computing, and in particular, changed the Mac into an entirely new beast, was giving this group the back-story to the history they experienced. A chance to re-live the glory years, when the Mac was anything but glorious.
For some of them it was a bit technical, and I could see their eyes going square on me, but over-all I think it went pretty well. I got lots of nice compliments on my presentation, as well as the subject matter. In fact, they kinda treated me like a special guest speaker, and I kinda had a lot of fun with it…

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