Things that are cool

– Apple’s tiny new iPod Shuffle. Almost as small as a key, VoiceOver navigation, 4GB. Making tech smaller makes something like this all the more plausible…
Sixth Sense Technology. Portable kit that merges the real world with the digital one in natural and compelling ways. Its only an experiment right now, but this kind of thing isn’t that far off. Watch the video!
– America’s First Lady — at work in a soup kitchen, showing the world what grace looks like. Too bad the mainstream media missed the point.
Michelle Obama at Miriam's Kitchen

3 thoughts on “Things that are cool

  1. It is still remarkable over there that the poor have cellphones? Join the 21st century. Here in Asia people buy cell phones before they buy food. It is their office, their home, their social connectivity. In dirt poor villages in Laos they buy cellphones. How else can they contact anyone when they have no house or any means of transport? North America is so blind to global realities.

  2. I agree!! Even if the man didn’t have a phone plan any longer due to the fact that he maybe couldn’t afford it, you can still use your camera on your cell phone to store photos! It’s so sad…

  3. Well if I were poor and homeless, my first priority after food and shelter would be a phone of some kind — you can’t apply for jobs without a phone number…

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