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Online since 2001, although in a variety of forms over the years, this site journals a good chunk of our adventures together. Scroll down for just the most popular posts
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Projects I’ve built or contributed to, plus dead platforms and abandon-ware. Public/anonymous access enabled with any Microsoft account.
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Most Popular Posts

#1 – On Protests and Conspiracy Theories (April 2020)
This virus has drawn some truly amazing behavior out of us as a society, hasn’t it? We’ve seen leaders step up and take decisive action to protect people. We’ve seen science and medical professionals rise to the challenge of treating patients and finding cures. We’ve seen people learn new ways to connect and stay in touch with their loved ones. There’s been a lot to commend us. But we’ve also seen a lot of really spiteful behavior…
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#2 – Why you shouldn’t buy a Mac in 2020 (June 2020)
This week Apple surprised no one by announcing they were beginning their transition to “Apple silicon” in their Mac computer line-up. If you don’t know what that means, its sufficient to understand that they are moving from Intel-based computers, to a processor and related architecture of “their own” design…
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#3 – Installing NextStep 3.3 on VMWare (June 2008)
When Steve Jobs was ousted from Apple, he set out to create a new company that would deliver elite hardware, and a revolutionary operating system. NeXT was started to build powerful hardware and software that would leapfrog the Mac (and everyone else on the market.) They eventually had to kill off the hardware line (after making some very nice, uber-high-end machines) but the software they made changed the industry…
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#4 – How To Read the News Online (April 2020)
I’m guilty myself of scrolling through Google News and letting an algorithm decide what I should see. But now, more than ever, its important to get the best information possible. Outlined here will be my attempt to provide some tips to escape the echo chamber, see past ideological spin, and find better sources of information online. …
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#5 – That Time I Talked to Apple’s Co-Founder (May 2020)
Steve was mostly a silent observer — in fact, at first we weren’t quite sure it was really him. At the outset, I challenged the participant bearing his moniker to turn his camera on and prove it. I’m sure we were all delighted when the real deal himself appeared and shared his memories of Newton. He receded back into silence until we had a break. As other participants shut their cameras off to attend to biological needs, I decided to go for broke…
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