Spring is Springing

And with it comes colds. I’m finally over mine, and have my voice back at full hollering strength, but its working its way through our kids now.
Ben seems to be mostly recovered — Nic woke up one night to check on him, and he had a fever of almost 104. The poor guy was miserable yesterday, sitting in his chair, mouth hanging open, eyes drooping, barely holding his head up to watch TV. Today he’s pretty much his normal self.
So now its moved on to Abi, who can’t nap today because she can’t breathe — she insists on having her soother (paci, nuk, whatever you call it where you are) in her mouth, and her nose is too full of snot.
Nic, as usual, thus far remains immune. Alas, none of these inflictions have ever hit Daisy…
As reported, the last 10 days have been very busy, but things will be slowing down a bit by next week, so we’re hoping the weather continues to be beautiful and we can enjoy some time outside of the house together. We’re itching to start our outdoor home improvement projects!
Note the new video, and pictures on the sidebar…

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