What's the plural of pilgramage?

About 10 years ago now, Nicole and I went on our first road trip together. We were 18, and couldn’t believe that my parent’s would let the two of us go alone, in their car, all the way to Cleveland!
Of course, they knew who we were going to visit, and that there would be no shenanigans permitted there, so I don’t think they were that worried.
A decade later, and with a couple little ones in our own car, we’ll be headed back that way to visit the same people. Of course their family has relocated a number of times since then, as has ours. In fact, a great deal has changed. But John and Karen, who’s perfect little family of 4 were all in our wedding, remain a positive influence in our lives — although maybe not quite in the way they used to.
But before we make our last cross-border pilgrimage of the year (we hope!) Ben’s favorite babysitter will be boarding a train, and coming the other way across the border to see us. She remains our only U.S. friend to brave the wilds of the scary Canadian wilderness and visit us from New York — although this visit we intend to do a little less touristy stuff, and stick her with a lot more babysitting!
These two visits should fairly neatly fill up the next two weeks, but I’ll try to schedule in a couple posts to keep the site from going too stale. Besides, I’ve not quite finished with my ranting…

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