Various and Sundry

Here’s a random assortment of things that, by themselves, aren’t significant enough for their own blog entry:
Abi seems to be cutting some teeth. This is way earlier than Benjamin did, but the symptoms are definitely there. Sunday her cheeks were rosy red all day, and she’s had a temperature pretty much non-stop since then. She’s extra cuddly lately, and seems to need more sleep than usual.
Benjamin is doing great since his Tyke Talk appointment, probably partially because of the tips we learned, but also because he’s ready to communicate more. Nicole’s been working hard to help him, and they’ve added about 25 new words to his vocabulary, and are well on the way to 100. He even put two words together, although we weren’t sure if it was intentional, or just an accident.
Alpha finishes up this week, with a Celebration Dinner. We don’t think we’ll be helping out with the next one that starts in January, because we have some other ministry ideas we want to pursue, but its been a good experience. There have been some weeks that I felt like I had to force myself to go, but by the end of the evening I realise I’ve really enjoyed myself and the conversation. And I believe someone at our table has made a decision to follow Jesus, which would be ample reward for our efforts. I’ll be following up this week!
If you’ve thought about doing an Alpha course before, but haven’t — do it. It’ll be totally worth it!
Just when I think I’ve got it all taken care of, something else comes up that has to be worked through. But after numerous e-mails trying to find the right person, I reached another milestone in my transition from being a U.S. employee to being a Canadian one, and got my vacation/personal business/sick time moved over to the Canadian tracking system, thanks to a very nice gal out in Edmonton.
The good news? Canadian employees get 5 extra vacation days! For next year, we’ll have 3 weeks of paid vacation, plus 5 personal business days! That means we could take a whole month off if we wanted!
I got NetFlix’ Watch Instantly working on my XBox — despite their attempts to block Canadian viewers. This is a fairly righteous hack, and I’m pretty pleased that despite being in the technological stone age that Canadian Internet Providers limit us to, I’m able to use a brand new technology. We’ve been watching episodes of Sliders over NetFlix, and I’m pretty sure its some of the best TV of the 90s…
I got to do a little video editing last week — something I haven’t done… well, since Abigail was born. I had a lot of fun watching my little trailer come together as I lined up clips from various sources in Final Cut. I need to do this kind of thing more often, because I frankly think I’m pretty good at it! This is the teaser for our next series at the evening service at church:

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  1. ALPHA is great!! My bf’s parents lead Alpha courses throughout the year at our church, and I attended one a couple years ago. It was definately a great experience!! 😀

  2. hey, good clip… should have ended it with the famous line in each episode… “I love it when a plan comes together”.

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