jonandnic dot com Downgrade

jonandnic dot com is just finishing up a move to a much cheaper, but slightly less capable home. While Westhost offered fantastic service for advanced functionality, its over-kill for the lowered ambitions of the site. Instead of $40 every 3 months, we’ll be paying $12 a year to LRE Hosting.
While we finish up the move, a few things may be down, or not working quite as usual. We’re a little tight for space right now, but we should be over these hiccups shortly. Stay tuned!

  • Archives are now working again
  • Photo albums are back, and are new and improved, thanks to iPhoto and iWeb. Check them out!

3 thoughts on “jonandnic dot com Downgrade

  1. I have a suggestion Jon 😛
    When you include external links in your posts, you should “target _blank” them, so the external links open in new browser windows, rather than opening in “_self”.
    😀 just a thought 😀
    – Sandra

  2. If you’re using FireFox or Internet Explorer 7, click on links with your middle mouse button (the scroll wheel). It’ll open them in a new tab — which is much more convenient than a new window!

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