Restaurant Idea

They should make a restaurant for adults with young kids.
Maybe you think such a thing already exists, but you’d be wrong. Maybe you’re thinking “Just go to McDonald’s” or “Friendly’s is for kids.” But both of those miss the point.
What we really want — what we would have paid good money for tonite — is a restaurant that serves adult food, and provides a place for our toddler to run around and leave us alone while we eat.
In my mind, its a normal restaurant except for the middle. The middle is a gated, rubberized area, with various things to play with (fake steering wheels, building blocks, little chairs are all good.) Surrounding that middle area are real grown-up tables and chairs.
Parents can put their little monsters in the play area while they eat an uninterrupted meal. And since there would only be parents with children there, no one would mind if the kids screeched like a baby pterodactyl during the meal.
You could pass food over the gate to your kid, who would shove it in his mouth before running off to play. And since there would only be parents with children there, no one would mind if you took the food back from them and ate it, after they’d put it in their mouth, tasted it and decided they didn’t like it.
And at the end of the night (and realistically, they could close the place down at 9pm, because no one with kids can be out any later than that anyway) they could just hose the play area down.
I’m pretty sure that if anyone opened a restaurant like this — one that made room for kids, but served good food for adults — they would make a fortune.
The closest thing we’ve been able to find is a sports bar. Its so noisy there that no one seems to mind when our son screeches for his dinner, or if we have to let him down to run around a bit before the food comes out. Too bad the food sucks.

6 thoughts on “Restaurant Idea

  1. I have another income producing idea for this restaurant! They could advertise as good birth control, and parents could pay to send their teens, ragings hormones in tow, to have romantic dinners there with their significant others. I bet they could guarantee the kids would be home under their respective roofs and tucked safely into their beds…alone…at a shockingly early hour! I think you should go for it…open the restaurant!

  2. love the idea. you should NOT buy a house and instead …start up this restauraunt! LOL…. we would come and eat there all the time!

  3. …commenting on your pic what says ” hole in the engine block”…. looking at that picture.. i couldnt even tell which part WAS the ENGINE!!!!!!!! lol

  4. DIBS! =)
    so this is what i will do after high school.
    don’t worry. i will give you a share of my zillions.
    AFTER the frist 10% goes to Northway.

  5. Hey dude. Just wanted to give you a few hits from the Philippines. I’m having a great time here. Yesterday I went on a tiger safari where you ride around in a truck and they feed dead chickens to the tigers through a little hole in the cage.

  6. Oh ya, and Chuck E. Cheeses doesn’t count as an adult-friendly restaurant. They may be good at entertaining the kiddies, but their food sucks and is ridiculously expensive.
    As soon as I open this place, I’ll let you all know 😉

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