Cars are an expensive pain in the butt!

So here’s some videos that make me smile…
Abi’s first swim
See how daddy rescues his girls from the evil bug?
Ben’s Bell-Bum
Someone stuck one of Abi’s rattles onto the back of Ben’s pants. Cuteness ensued.
Papa’s Lawn Tractor
Do you know how to drive a tractor? Cause Ben sure does…

6 thoughts on “Cars are an expensive pain in the butt!

  1. The Wise boys love to drive, and Ben’s clearly a chip of the ol’ block. You know he’s gonna trash your car when he turns 16, right?

  2. Yes well… I had a plan for that. Someone beat him to it, though.
    I see now the parent’s wisdom in buying the Shadow, and not a much nicer car for us to learn on…

  3. Those videos are too cute!!! You have very cute children!! My Ben watched the video of Ben on the tractor and he was very concerned for him. He kept saying “Uh,Oh!!”

  4. okay so i have been blog-stalking for the past 4 hours. Maybe drinking 3 cans of AMP was a bad idea…..
    I think we should set up my neice Riley ,(3) with Ben =)
    sorry in advance for the few dozen coments i’m about to leave, but this is becoming one of my fav bogs to read.
    God Bless alll.

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