Since other people can go a week without blogging, this shouldn’t be so bad.
Apparently a skin graft is considered minor surgery. I’m getting a full thickness skin graft from my thigh, which means they’ll cut a chunk out, stitch that back together, and then put the chunk on my arm. I’ll be partially anesthetized, will have to fast the day before, and won’t be allowed to drive following. As I mentioned earlier, my left arm will also be out of commission for a week.
On top of that, I have a demo I have to show off in two weeks, and I have at least two weeks of coding to do on it yet. Typing one hand is very difficult, so I’m going to be pulling some late hours next week to make sure my project is in good shape… Which means I likely won’t be blogging much (if at all) until after the demo is done.
I’ll teach Nic to update the photo stream, so you won’t be totally bored checking out the site, but if you want to see how you’re doing, you’re probably gonna have to pick up the phone!
PS: If you’re interested in how my arm looks, pre-skin-graft, click here! Its worse than the last picture cause the foam is gone, so don’t click unless you’re sure you can take it!

12 thoughts on “Blogcation

  1. I can usually handle those types of things, however that is just gross! I will save the other people who might read your comments my true opinion and leave it at that!

  2. WOW – not only have I not been blogging (ps – I just did) I haven’t read others’ blogs in a few days, and I must say…this hurts.

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