Surgery on God's Schedule

So I’m getting a skin graft. They scheduled me in for April 5, and I thought that was fine — until I got back to the office and realised thats the Thursday before Good Friday. Our church is doing no less than 7 Easter Services that weekend, and my arms will be playing a part in making that happen. So I called the secretary back and asked her very nicely if she could get me in the 9th or 10th — the following Monday or Tuesday. From there the conversation went something like this:
“Well I’m afraid the next earliest we have is the 13th. Everything else is booked solid, and we really need get you in earlier than that.”
“I understand… it’s just that I’m helping out at our church’s Easter Services, and I can’t afford to be without my arm.”
“Oh really? What church is that?”
“We go to Northway Church,” I told her — not expecting that to mean anything at all to her.
“NO WAY! So do I!” She exclaimed excitedly.
“Oh cool! Ya, I work production, and I really need to be useful that weekend.” I told her, hoping she’d have more sympathy.
“Well, I might have something I can move around on the 12th.” Her voice suddenly sounding much kinder. “Let me see what I can do, and I’ll call you back.
A day and a half later I hadn’t heard anything back from her, and I had a message to call the hospital where I was getting my surgery done. I assumed that they must be calling to set up my appointment on the 5th, and I mentally steeled myself to tell Dave that I wouldn’t be able to help out over Easter. I called the hospital back, and was confused when the lady on the phone said:
“Oh yes, we were calling to do a pre-screening for your surgery on the 10th?”
“The 10th?” I asked incredulously. “Are you sure thats when I’m getting in?”
“Yep. I have you here for April 10th.”

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  1. Your uncle joe and probably the only person in the world who can match every injury story that you have (plus thousands more) says the good news is you won’t have hairy patches on your arm and the bad news is that you will have bald patches on your leg.

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