Bragging not Blogging

Some people have accused me of not being handy. Those people don’t know what they’re talking about. This week, with only an arm and a half, I:

  • Re-built a nearly dead PC from parts
  • Hacked a broken installer to get ProVideoPlayer working (great software, btw)
  • Built a media PC from bits and pieces I found around the Internet that:
    • Plays TV shows over the Internet on my TV
    • Plays downloaded and purchased content on my TV
    • Syncs our cell phone address books automatically every time I come home
    • Mirrors the UI and functionality of a $300 device — for free
  • Re-created a G4 Cube from parts
  • Repaired and re-installed a car stereo, removing my dashboard to do it

I may not build houses from scratch, or soup up cars for fun, but I think I’m pretty handy to have around ;o)
PS: Keep in mind that a week ago, I was excited that I could wrap my arm so I could take a shower without Nic’s help…

5 thoughts on “Bragging not Blogging

  1. I don’t mean to burst any bubbles, but you only managed to do 5 things in 7 days. That doesn’t seem like a whole lot. LOL
    Just kidding. I don’t think, actually, I guarantee, that I could not have done that list with both hands in 7 days.
    Hope the arm is getting better.

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