I just got done two intense, fantastic weeks of travel:
A week in San Francisco, California where a partner succesfully announced a new product that I invested in through work. It was exciting to see it unveiled and see all their hard work pay off. I was especially honored to receive an honorary “orange engineers tie” from one of the lead developers.
A week in Redmond, Washington at the mothership, putting on an Executive Briefing for a partner who I’ve been working hard with. The briefing went fantastic, I got lots of good press (which made up for the flame mail I had to deal with from a less-than-stellar IT person last weekend), and the partner was pleased. We got to tour the Microsoft Home of the Future, which was really neat.
And now I’m done until the baby arrives. There are a couple more trips I probably should do — but I’m not going to risk missing our first Canadian baby’s birthday! Mom is home in 11 days, so here’s hoping the baby can hang in there until a bit closer to the due date. Nic is feeling fine, but gets tired easily. We’ll be glad when life gets back to normal… or as normal as it can be with three little monsters in our tiny house!

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