Its Upgrade Season

iPhoneI have the dubious privilege of being an original iPhone user. This means that I am more elite than most iPhone users — I stood in line, I paid a small fortune, and for maybe 3 months, I had the best phone in the world before most anyone else I knew.
I also have the dubious privilege of having an unlocked iPhone. This also means that I am more elite than most iPhone users — I can use my iPhone anywhere in the world, on any GSM network, and run software that Apple hasn’t approved.
However, both of these things have their disadvantages. I can’t upgrade my phone when a new OS comes out — I have to wait for that OS to get cracked. And everyone else has an iPhone with real GPS, while we suffer with A-GPS. Otherwise, I’m happy I skipped the 3G iPhone.
But now the 3GS is about to come out, and while I was able to talk myself into skipping one generation of iPhone, opting for the first time in ages to not upgrade my cell phone annually, I don’t think I can skip another. The 3GS is faster, has real GPS, and a wayy better camera. We’ve been intending to buy a GPS, and we’ve been intending to get a slim camera for quick shots, so we could replace our digicam with a DSLR (some day.)
So… I think Nicole is about to become the elite owner of an original, unlocked iPhone, while I become just a normal consumer with a brand new iPhone 3GS. I must admit, it’ll be nice not having to share my iPhone with her — it was frustrating seeing her name at the top of my Field Runners‘ high score list!
In other news, we have a Blackberry 7290, locked to Rogers, and a Kodak EasyShare Z740 for sale if anyone’s interested…

Blackberry 7290 and Kodak EasyShare Z740

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