A "Family Week" to kick off the summer!

Shortly after we moved to New York, the rest of my family scattered. Dave and Liz, my younger brother and sister, are out west somewhere (near Calgary, I gather — I’ve never been) and my parents sold their house, bought a condo, then promptly rented it out to some missionaries on home assignment and left the country themselves. Since then they’ve been in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. My dad teaches at an international school, and my mom works with Trans World Radio’s Project Hannah. They’re what’s called “tent maker” missionaries — meaning that, so far, they’ve funded their own missionary efforts out of their career/pockets.
Once a year, my dad’s school pays for a trip home to Canada, so we get a little visit with them. This year they’re going to find themselves stuck with a lot of babysitting — which I’m sure they won’t complain about. They arrive in Ontario, after a short visit with Dave and Liz, late this week. Just in time to get the kids familiar with them again for the weekend.
Nic’s sister, Pam, is getting hitched, and although she’s stressing the details right now (because that’s what she does) its shaping up to be a very nice wedding. Nic and I are both in the wedding party, and Benjamin will be the ring bearer. He and I have matching tuxes, and Abi has an adorable little summer dress. And as soon as dinner is over, both kids will be off to stay with Grandma and Grandpa Wise while the grown-ups celebrate the nuptials.
So this week there are cars to clean, CDs to burn, table dressings to make, rooms to decorate, and parties to attend. As is par for the course, I hurt my back yesterday. Muscle pain only, fortunately, so I’ll hopefully be in decent shape for all the gatherings within a couple days… until then wondering if the cure for these problems isn’t worse than the ailment itself.
There likely won’t be much posting this week, but we’ll get pictures up as soon as we can. We hope the sun is shining and the birds are singing where ever you are — isn’t summer the best?!

2 thoughts on “A "Family Week" to kick off the summer!

  1. “They’re what’s called “tent maker” missionaries — meaning that, so far, they’ve funded their own missionary efforts out of their career/pockets.”
    That’s awesome! 😀 Love that!!

  2. There are three kinds of Christians: those who Go, those who Send, and those who are disobedient.
    Too bad their weren’t more obedient Senders so that Goers wouldn’t have to Send themselves!

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