Abigail Joan

Born March 25, 5:55am. 8lbs 13 oz, 20″ long.
Breathing (and crying) normally now. Finally got to meet her mother at 6:45am.
If you can’t wait for the Flickr feed to refresh, click on its title to go directly to Flickr and see the pics.

14 thoughts on “Abigail Joan

  1. Your mother is breathing again, and her colour is coming back. We are delighted for all of you. Welcome little Abigail into our world. There are many here who already love you, and can hardly wait to see you (and hold you!)

    cant wait to meet her!!! give us a call when you feel like it and let me know if you would like Ben ( and possibly Livi.. lol) to come and see you guys later.
    and ben and livi bothjust woke up.. he had the biggest scariest BOY poop ever! lol…
    post more pics…..
    how did nic do all natural?????????????????
    yay… abi is HERE!!!!!
    and your welcome! and Ben did great! and I KNEW it would be at 3am… at least i didnt have to get up for bootcamp at 4….. so that was nice!

  3. Congratulations you guys!! That’s awesome! She’s just gorgeous. Reading your posts made me teary. Congratulations again!!!

  4. Congratulations Jon and Nic…great work..natural childbirth! WOW!
    Welcome to Abi….a great size…she was ready to be born! We’re so happy for you that she is Abi…little girls are special!

  5. Congrats to the 3 of you! She will be an awesome daughter and a pure joy in your lives, and you’ll look back in 6 months and say “remember when…”. Totally cute and wonderul. Prayers and comfort to all of you from the Kloetstras.

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