Well That Was Different (with visiting information)

The best piece of advice we got when we got pregnant the first time is that every pregnancy is different. You can read all the books, listen to all the sage wisdom of other mom’s, and memorize all the old wives tales. But the truth is, each experience is unique.
This pregnancy certainly was totally different than that of Benjamin’s. From his perfectly timed conception, to his on-request delivery date, to the orderly, “Type A” labor, he was simple to plan for. Abi, on the other hand, resisted all attempts to plan for her, and all efforts to make her delivery an orderly one.
The whole waking us up at 2:00am was a good sign that it would be an interesting morning. She skipped the whole regularly progressing labor thing, in favor of hanging out in the womb for a bit longer, and then when she was ready to come… there was no time for an epidural — no time even for a trip to the bathroom. We went from occasional contractions to I NEED TO PUSH! NOW!
Nic, of course, was a trooper. My bride is the definition of grace, under almost any kind of pressure. That doesn’t mean she didn’t scream like the lady we heard down the hall. But the whole thing lasted about half an hour (she says it felt like 5 minutes) and the pay off, of course, was wonderful.
Aside from Abi’s apparent tendancy to run things her way, or no way at all, the hospital visit has also been a lot less… comfortable. There was a shift change shortly after we were allowed to see Abi for the first time, and they apparently forgot about us for 2 hours. I pressed the call button a number of times, but it took Nicole trying to get herself to the bathroom (with my help) and blood pooling out onto the floor before we got anyone’s attention.
Things have been a bit better since then, so I’m home to gather up a few things, feed the cat, and grab a shower. Nicole would be happy to see visitors after dinner this evening. Visiting hours are until 9:00pm and we’re in room E635 at the same hospital as last time until at least tomorrow.
A huge thank you to everyone who was praying and cheering for Nic and our new little girl.

13 thoughts on “Well That Was Different (with visiting information)

  1. Hah, I’m lucky.
    I’m in Global doing a project, and I decided to check up to see if anything else happened.
    I’ve been told that they are trying to block the Wireless connection at our school, since there are a lot of students that have iTouchs now, so that’s why I’m doing this in the middle of Global…
    But anyways, I can’t wait to meet her. =]
    That picture is adorable, by the way.

  2. YIPPEE! I wish I had known as I was up early this morning and could have been praying! Congrats on the arrival of Abi – GOOD JOB NIC!
    We love you and look forward to meeting your little girl.
    Love you too Benjamin – super big brother!
    Nicole, Chad and Kaeden

  3. J Wise,
    Congrats on baby no. 2. Was following this blog for the last few days. Good to know you’re doing great and are happy.
    Once again, Congrats.

  4. Congratulations you guys! Hopefully your days ahead at home will be more comfortable than your hospital stay was. I had a similar stay when Nicole was born. Honestly, the nurses handed me my medications for the week in a zip-lock bag, threw it on the bedside table, and I barely saw a nurse for 3 days after that! I remember telling people that it was more like mom and baby boot camp than a supportive recovery. Hope things are more relaxing for you in the next few days and enjoy every moment with Abi. Congrats again! From Ben, Tricia, and Nicole

  5. omg finally shes out and kickin =] congrats you two!!! im so very happy for you guys, hope all is well and that you’ll manage to get some due rest

  6. Congratulations on #2! Looking forward to seeing you guys (all four of you now…) back here soon. Let me know if you guys need any help with finding a place here.

  7. Yeah! So glad everyone is doing alright! What a beautiful baby girl – congratulations to the whole family!

  8. Dont know if you got my text this morning cuz my phone has been weird lately, but CONGRATS!!
    Nic you’re amazing!!! Way to go!
    Jon its so unreal to see you with your own wonderful little family but its sweet and im so happy for you

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