Holding Pattern

The waiting is the worst part.
I know its the “calm before the storm” and all that and we should just enjoy the peace and quiet while it lasts, but patience is not a virtue I posses in spades. There’s nothing to do!!
Some time in the next minute to 5 weeks Nic’s going to go into labour. Worst case scenario, its the end of the work day and its rush hour. Here’s how that would look:

  • I drive north for 8 exits, typically a 17 minute drive, but at rush hour between 25 and 45, depending on whether or not there’s any radar traps or pointless one-car accidents
  • I pick up Nic and Ben; we drive north 3 more exits and drop Ben off with Jason and Brooke
  • We turn around and drive 9 exits south on one highway, 2 exits on another highway and 7 exits on a third highway to Albany med…

Total time? Optimistically, we’re looking at 2 hours. I’m not really sure if thats going to cut it, but that’s worst case scenario. Best case we could probably do everything in 1 hour.
As much as we appreciate Brooke and Jason taking our kid, and as much as I enjoy my job, maybe you can see why we’re feeling like we need to be near our family during this season in our lives?
So we’re ready for best- or worst-case scenarios, we’re packed, we have the new stroller (and sold the old one) and the tiny new-born diapers. Now we just need her to arrive. Our preferred date would be March 8th, which would allow us one final date night on Friday (with free babysitting, thanks to Brooke’s mom!) and would mean that I’ll be at home when things start happening. I’m doing my best to beam this information to Abi telepathically, but I’m not sure if she’s getting the message. I guess we’ll find out…
These are our friends, Jason and Brooke, without whom we would probably be doing a home birth… and although that worked out great for Brian and Melissa, its not something we want to try in our tiny apartment with the nearest hospital 25 minutes away! Thank you guys!

8 thoughts on “Holding Pattern

  1. Alternate strategies depending on urgency:
    -Nic calls Jon and Brooke and Brooke comes and picks up Ben
    -Brooke meets you at the hospital and takes Ben from there
    -Nic and Ben go by cab to hospital (keep cash on hand) and all meet there
    -call an ambulance- in which case Ben and Brooke will probably still be at the hospital for the delivery

  2. Ya, I guess I should mention… the one on the right belongs to Brooke and Jason.
    So… she’d have to load up her kid, drive to us, move our car seat to her car, then load up both kids again… we might have to do that, but it certainly wouldn’t be “the easy way.”
    In fact, there is no easy way!

  3. Best of Luck to you guys..!!
    HAve fun… Nic I would like to add that being pregnant suits you… the lst picture I saw you were beaming..
    Wish you all the best…!!

  4. March 8th works for me too, as long as it’s earlier in the day!!! :o)
    Plus, I thought you thrived on excitement and adventure!
    All kidding aside, we’ll be sending good thoughts your way, and know that everything will work itself out as it is supposed to!

  5. Okay well never under estimate the power of safely speeding and praying for a cop to be just waiting around (I can honestly say it happens) just do your self a favour 4 ways and horn work as well. It may even happen at a rather conveinent time when your already home. Either way you’ll all be fine and everything will work out perfectly.

  6. Another option is for you to drop Nic off at the hospital now and then she is already there. Then you don’t have to worry about the drive because she will be there already.
    Also, by your description, you are closer to the hospital from your work then you are from your house. Therefore, you could get there quicker too.
    Man, I’m smart. LOL

  7. hey!!!
    um… ok, so that pic isnt HORRIBLE of me, even though i was 10 pounds heavier… but its a funny one of jason.. who looks semi gay!!! LOL……. we are very glad to help you guys out. But … as i get ready to go to bed tonight… i really hope nic doesnt go into labor at 2 am…. LOL
    abi should decide she is ready at like 8 am tomorrow and be born during the day! LOL
    cant wait to get that “call” from you guys!!!!!

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