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Well, I can’t say we miss spring in Ontario — when winter is still clinging on, and spring has not yet fully pushed it out. Far too much chance of snow, and far too little sunshine. Once summer hits, though, it sure is beautiful, and we’re glad we’ll be able to afford a trip home.
Not that we have much to complain about here. Although there are still many gray and rainy days — and likely many more to come, we’ve had a week of beautiful sun, clear skies with views of mountains on all sides, so sharp in detail that it feels like they’re right in front of you. On my way to work, I roll down from the foothills of the Cascades, pass Mt. Rainier on my left, and steer straight for the Olympic Mountains in front of me. God’s majestic creativity surrounds us.
Ontario hasn’t the mountains, but we’re looking forward to seeing the friends and family. We haven’t quite got the dates nailed down, but it will be some time near the end of July. It’s a complex month, with birthdays, a wedding, a cottage get-away in BC (fingers crossed) and a new baby joining the family in Calgary, so we’re still hammering down how we can make it all work. But we’re looking forward to it, nonetheless.
All of us here are happy, healthy and growing. If we don’t see you in July, come visit us here!
PS: If you know anyone in Calgary who needs a car, I’ll cut them a great deal on a super sweet Saab

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