Nicole finally got her Christmas present last week. Thanks to her parents for pitching in, and a contest from work that provided some of the funds, she got the Digital SLR camera she’s been wanting for the past 5-6 years. It’s a Nikon D5000 12.3 megapixel that came with an 18-55mm lens. We originally had found a package deal with two lenses, but that’s been out of stock since boxing day, and we wanted Nic to have her new camera before her sister’s baby arrived.


She briefly tried an entry level Sony DSLR, but found it unsatisfactory, and we decided a decent Nikon was worth the extra $90. Plus this one shoots HD video, which is a feature I had my fingers crossed for. She got the second last one available in Ontario, we think.

We don’t really know how to use it yet, but Nic’s parents got her a book, and we have friends with some expertise, so she’s getting more comfortable with it. With lenses costing what they do, I have combined birthday/anniversary presents lined up for at least the next couple years…

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  1. She’ll love it. I bought my D90 a year or two ago and wished I had had it for my trips to Africa and Ecuador. That said, some of my best pics have been taken with my iphone lately. Go figure.

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