Not Moving

The parallel activity with buying a van was taking the house off the market. We maybe coulda just barely pulled off both a move and a new vehicle at the same time, but the two activities were intended to be in serial. Had God given us the OK to move to a bigger place in a more expensive neighborhood, that would have been an indication that He wanted us to dig in a little deeper and get more comfortable for a long haul (giving us more freedom to spend debt on a vehicle.)

The fact that the house didn’t sell, when all logic suggested it should, to me seems like providence – although I acknowledge that some people prefer to call that coincidence or random chance.

The van is a necessary addition to our budget. A bigger house would have been nice, but we can get by for now. We’ll just have to assume that God has something else in mind. Maybe 2011 will provide more hints as to what that might be…

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