An evening with Vince Vaughn and the LA Kings

As a team building event, after day 2 of PDC 2009, and maybe as a consolation prize for the fact that employees were not allowed to receive the free laptop that all other attendees got, my team went out for an LA Kings game — but when this group goes to a game, we do it in style.
We had choice seats (not box seats, like I thought, but almost as good) and our own hang-out room that we could use before and during the game. There was food, drinks, and behind-the-ice access. We were across the hall from the team’s locker room, and hung out there while they goofed around before the game. We also snuck a couple pictures of the Philidelphia Flyers getting pumped up to play.
They also gave us free hats, which I accidentally left in the “bunker room” so after the game, I decided to see if I could still get back down. I flashed the special badge they gave us, and was ushered in. My hat was gone, but the team was hanging out with some press, so I figured I’d hang around and see what post-game activities were like. Then the team left, and Vince Vaughn walked in and started chatting with the reporters. He flirted with a female news correspondant, and comiserated with some officials about the Kings’ loss, and was generally friendly with everyone.
Vince Vaughn at the Kings Game
Then an usher walked by, looked at my badge and said “Who’s your escort? The bunker room is closed!”
Then I had to leave.
Oh well, I was ignorant, not guilty, and besides, it was pretty cool. I’ll get some lousy phone cam pics of the evening up in the sidebar later. It’s 11pm here, but it feels like 2 in the morning.

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