Everyone’s at the beach, so I have a few stolen moments of silence here. I figured I’d blog so there’d be some context to the pictures we’ll be uploading later.
So far our vacation has gone much better than last — Nicole has managed to avoid being 7 months pregnant, and I’ve managed to avoid crippling myself with back injuries, so that always helps.
Each of us (over 10) get to plan one day of the week, with Friday being a free-for-all. Yesterday was gray and gloomy, so we checked out some falls, and did a few quick boat rides. By the evening it had cleared up, so we had a fire and played some games. Today is Nicole’s day to plan, and she wants to sit on the beach. No one argued.
I’m not quite sure what the younger two have planned for their days, although there was some talk of make-up and a dance party. Oh, to be young and full of energy. Fortunately, the weather report promises clear skies and lots of sun for the rest of the week.
Our cabin is… less-than-stellar, but its functional, so I guess I can’t really complain — although for the money we paid, maybe I’ve earned the right to complain a little bit. Maybe next time we’ll book a littler further than 2 months in advance, and find something a little cozier. Still, its a vacation. I haven’t had to change a diaper yet this week, with all the extra help around, and although my primary function in our temporarily collected family seems to be running errands, I’ve had lots of time to read and relax, and almost none to sit in front of a computer. No wonder my back feels so great.
Anyway, I’m off to bike down to the beach and join the rest of the crew. Pictures later.

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