Off to Cottage Country

As of today, we are on vacation. This is only the second attempt we’ve ever made at taking a vacation — since our honeymoon, that is. The first was not a success. We’re hoping this one goes a lot better.
Nicole claimed to have been packed 3 days ago, but a surprising amount of “last minute” packing occured yesterday, and is on the list yet for today. Half of it, I’m sure we won’t need, and you should see how full our SUV is. Still, I suppose its better to be over-prepared than under. And she does have to pack for the two kids. I have a pair of jeans, and a sweater for evenings around the fire, and a bathing suit — and three books. I might have packed a few extra things in my tiny bag, but I doubt I’ll use them.
We anticipate having tethered Internet while away, but we don’t anticipate using it much. We’ll post lots of pictures when we get back, though!
PS: Happy Birthday to my brother Dave, while we’re away! Maybe this is the year you’ll meet a nice girl and change your mind about the benefits of settling down 😉

2 thoughts on “Off to Cottage Country

  1. Holy crap! You’re right, its almost my birthday. Good thing you reminded me or I would have missed it entirely. I wouldn’t put any wagers on the settling down thing though, still sounds like a terrible idea to me.

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