Ponderings on the recession

While this recession is certainly hitting some people hard, there are a lot of young professionals, who, so far, seem to be weathering the storm without any problems. In fact, some of us are approaching the point of having disposable income, and looking for a place to invest it.
If someone were to buy 1000 GM shares now, at $1.60 a share, and hold on to them while the economy bottoms out, then begins climbing back upward — and assuming a company like GM survives the fall-out — such a person could make out like a bandit. If GM’s stocks were to return to half their April ’08 value, an investment of $1600 would net a return of  $23,400. That’s 14 times the initial money, in what could be a fairly short amount of time.
We’re not, ourselves, thinking of such an investment, but a friend is. As I stated earlier, I haven’t a lot of confidence in GM. And we’d rather invest when things begin curving upward, not while they’re curving downward. But that change in curve direction can’t be too far off, and one wonders how many opportunities you get in your life to buy when things are really low…
I don’t know my financial history well enough, but is this how previous recessions were turned around? Have people historically made money this way? We dabbled in the stock market a little bit a few years back, made a very thoughtful and researched buy and sell, and made enough money to buy a couple nice couches. It was certainly something we’d consider doing in the future… What say you, Internets? Any advice out there?

2 thoughts on “Ponderings on the recession

  1. Well I myself am not an investor – seeing as how it requires a little bit of capital. Im on the opposite end of the spectrum.
    But Greg’s family is what you could describe as wealthy and they owe it all to wise investments! They seriously have some kind of inborn instinct and man have they reaped the benefits. Money money money. And 4 homes! – their huge house, the cabin in the mountains, the condo in Hawaii, and now the new place in Arizona. Just dont get his Dad started on it, he can go on for days. (Unless you wanna call him and get some advice lol!)
    This being my only experience with investing I would say GO FOR IT! Buy low. Low low. Ride it out. Sell high. I think that is the mistake that most people make – they get on the trolley when its already popular (rising) but by then it really is too late to get properly rewarded. The smart ones make some tough decisions (and risks) and buy it before it even starts to go back up. Thats how you make the big bucks..

  2. Want to buy. Good idea. Try [redacted] stocks, which fell to $6 from $17 in just one week. They are a bargain at the moment, and are bound to recover. In fact, you have a vested interest in making sure they recover. That would be a good investment. GM, I’m not so sure. They have a history of bad management.

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