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Apple’s Forgotten Future
Presented by Jon Wise
In 1985 Steve Jobs was forced out of the company he co-founded, by a man he hired to run the business. While Apple carried on with the momentum set by the Macintosh, having their share of hits and misses along the way, what Jobs did next would help shape technology for the next 20 years, defining the modern Mac in a way few people have imagined.
Come out on Thursday and learn more about this almost-forgotten chapter in the history of our favorite fruit-named computer…

Jon Wise is a Senior Technology Developer at [redacted] with 10 years of experience developing software applications for Windows and the Web. He’s a graduate of Conestoga College’s Computer Programmer/Analyst diploma, and most recently worked in New York on a manufacturing performance analysis system called [redacted].
He’s been a Mac user since 1993, when he found an old Mac 512k (FatMac) in a dumpster, and brought it back to life. Since then he has worked, in some capacity, on every major Mac OS release since 4.x, although he’s never pursued Mac software development professionally. Jon has published articles on Macs in (the now defunct) eLondon Magazine, and was interviewed by Wired Magazine for an article on Apple’s Newton MessagePad in 2002.
Jon currently lives in [redacted], with his wife Nicole, and two children: Benjamin (2 years old) and Abgail (1 year old), and enjoys travel and video editing on his Mac. He owns and regularly uses a MacBook Pro, an Intel Mac Mini, an AppleTV and an unlocked iPhone 2G.
Here’s hoping I have my voice back by then!

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