Soul Meets Body

Yesterday was a pretty full day.
Most of the work day was full of meetings. Meetings are sometimes interesting, sometimes boring, but always exhausting. I’m far to introverted to deal with that many people in that many different places (we had Toronto, Edmonton, Green Bay, Albany and Foxboro represented yesterday) without being drained by the end.
The evening involved about 3.5 hours of actual manual labor, which while tiring in its own way, is usually something I relish after sitting at my desk all day. Then immediately following that, it was off to a debate for 2 hours.
The debate was on whether or not God matters. As in, is His existence even relevant any more. The theist, was unfortunately, drastically out-classed by his opposition, who’s credentials took almost 5 minutes just to read. He took every opportunity to make cheap shots on the theist, but by the end it started to back-fire on him, as it just made him look more and more spiteful. It didn’t help his case that he also kind of looked like Satan.
Nonetheless, the in-favor-of-God guy managed to pull out some great points, and in an odd way, presented a pretty compelling overview of the Gospel.
And did you know that an absolutist naturalist point-of-view doesn’t allow for a soul? Or even an id? Can you imagine that the person you think you are is really just collected and atoms and firing neurons? That you don’t really make decisions, and in fact, your existence is no more significant than that of a rock?
I can’t.
By the time I got home, I was thoroughly exhausted in every way, so I crawled into bed, and was out cold by 10:30. I intentionally turned off my alarm so I could sleep until my body didn’t need any more. Its easier to stay at work a bit later the next day than it is to catch up on sleep. In all, I estimate I slept like a rock for about 9 solid hours. But I woke up feeling better than I have in days. My back, my legs and my attitude are all significantly lighter.
Maybe I should sleep for 9 hours every day!

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