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That’s been on my to-do list for awhile now, but my brain has been too scattered to come up with anything. So here’s some random things:
Abi can crawl up stairs now — up, but not down. If you turn your back on her for a second, she’ll be scooting up them as fast as she can. We’ll try get it on video, because its adorable. Its also a pain in the butt.
Abi is cutting her first tooth. This is right on schedule — assuming Benjamin dictates the schedule. It isn’t really bothering her much, but I guess she’s a little less giggly than usual.
Ben is still working on talking. He hit 100 words only a couple days past our deadline, and occasionally puts two of them together — but not very often. He’s also spending time on the potty. Nic takes him to the bathroom for 10 minutes once or twice a day. So far he’s managed to pee on the floor, but not in the potty. We’re in no rush.
I spend a lot of time in meetings lately. A lot.
My legs have hurt, from my quads to my ankles, almost every single day for the past two weeks. My back hurts too, but its been a lot better since Nic flipped the mattress.
College students are ridiculously difficult to pin down.
Speaking of college, my college roommate and I are going to a debate at a near-by University tonite. I’ll be exhausted by the time I get there, but it should be interesting.
I may be developing OCD related to making sure my TV is perfectly level on the wall-mount.
I derive a sense of pleasure and satisfaction from vacuuming the floor on par with a cold glass of tomato juice, a perfectly done steak, or brushing my teeth the day after Halloween.
Death Cab for Cutie’s Plans album has been on repeat in iTunes for the last 5 days. Its wonderful.
Today was one of those perfect winter mornings where everything but the roads were covered with a sparkling sheen of snow and ice. However, I’d trade this morning for one in July in a heartbeat.
Why do good TV shows get cancelled while crap like Survivor and American Idol repeat every year? Who decides to pull the plug on interesting shows, while regurgitating the same plot for 24 season after season?
Having a big church is only useful if its resources are used to help people and love others. Otherwise, its just a big tree that never grows any fruit.
I’ve gotta get back to work…

9 thoughts on “Blog about something

  1. i find it very surprising how much you like a ” good” glass of tomatoe juice, considering how much you dont like soooooooo many foods and so m any veggies. but yet you drink, crushed and pureyed ( how do you spell that?) tomaotoes? ewwwwwe

  2. Don’t worry too much about Ben talking. My younger son didn’t say much of anything until he was about 3. He started talking at that point and still hasn’t shut up (he’s now 28)… Now that you have your own house, the landlord won’t dock your security deposit if you put up gates at the bottom AND TOP of the stairs… Leg pains likely are from sitting too much – common this time of year – Practice calf exercises on you bottom stair-step.

  3. wow, thats tedious, you two actually have to count the words. I dont know how old Ben is but I wouldn’t be too concerned about the words or potty training, it all comes in time…and boys are generally later than girls at both the above. don’t stress over either.
    yep, we gave up on 24 pretty soon, once they killed off most of the main characters we quit. we dont even have a tv anymore (one of the things we didnt want to move here) its quite freeing, not worrying what’s on tonight? we do still watch dvd’s and though once in a while.
    keep blogg’n

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