Sideblog Archive – December 2008

What if we could choose to see life as an adventure, and the people around us our co-adventurers? What if, from this day forward, every single moment of our lives was building up to something more exciting and challenging?
What if being a Christian meant something to people outside the doors of our church? What if everyone who claimed the name of Christ actually tried to act like Him?
What if we spent more money on helping people than we did on war? What if we spent less time debating gay rights and more time teaching human rights?
What if we could all figure out that we are not our own purpose in life?

One thought on “Sideblog Archive – December 2008

  1. I like your new sideblog. I’ve discovered this more and more in my own life, and in the lives of those around me. But you’ve stated it succinctly. Thank you!

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