Parting is such sweet sorrow

It served one last purpose, as my brother drove it for the week while he was visiting from Alberta, but now its gone.
Our little car has taught an untold number of people how to drive a manual transmission, has been borrowed by almost as many people, and has carried us (including our whole family of 4 squeezed in there once or twice) for over 220,000km — all without needing any major service (save for a new engine, but that’s another story, and not our fault!)
Nice Car
2002: Our brand new car in front of our first apartment
After about 2 weeks of work, pulling everything together, our shiny, sleek little coup rolled out of our drive-way for the last time, fetching a high-high price of 2400 whole dollars.
I sniffled a little watching it back away from me… but only a little, because we were getting sick of paying insurance for a car that we no longer have any use for… she was a great car while we had her though…

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