Big Summer Weekend #2

So when events like these come and go, I like to try to capture my feelings, or some recording of the time on the blog, so that when I look back, it’ll remind me of what it was like.
As for Randy’s wedding… I don’t think I’ll have to write much. I doubt I’ll ever forget this particular event. Whether it was loosing two groomsmen at the last minute (one to a roundhouse punch), the creative and humorously appropriate groomsman outfits, having a serious thunderstorm roll in just before the bride was to walk through the garden for the outdoor ceremony, or the incredible fun we had, totally out-of-our-element at the reception, but totally belonging there because of the part we played in Randy’s story, all of it was incredibly memorable.
My speech, that I was so nervous about, required a pretty careful balance of reflection, encouragement, honesty, grace, humor, pride, spirituality and neutrality that both the intended recipient, and the gathered audience needed. A tall order, for sure, which is why it made me so nervous. But aside from opening by calling the groom a douchebag (he had it coming), I think I managed to avoid screwing it up too much. And I sure was honored to be asked to give it.
My other bestmanly duties for the weekend were a little different than what I imagine is the norm, but it was a lot of fun helping with the big day, and the celebration was hard-earned, and well-deserved.
Randy’s story is one I’ve long-since learned I can’t really tell here, but suffice it to say, he’s come a long way, and he’s found a good partner to share the rest of the journey with him. I doubt I’ll ever forget how proud I am of him right now.
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