Haircut @Home

The boy needed a haircut. We’d wake him up from his naps, and even with the air conditioning on, his hair would be matted to his head with sweat.

But his last haircut (which was also his first) cost over $10. That’s a lot of money for a baby’s head — especially when he pretty much needs his hair cut every month.

So we figured it was time for a crash course in hair dressing.

The boy was pretty patient with us, and the only person who got cut by the scissors was me.

The results? Not bad for our first try. A little uneven in the back, but he’s not complaining about it…

4 thoughts on “Haircut @Home

  1. Now you know the real reason that I cut you guys hair for all those years! I figure I saved a fortune by cutting Dad’s hair for 28 years.

  2. Thanks, Marti. But you might not say so if you saw the back!
    I did finally get it even, but now it looks like I put a bowl over his head… poor kid :-p

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