eLondon: A dead-tree technology blog, circa 2003

In 2003 I wrote a series of articles for a small but ambitious little technology magazine distributed in the London, Ontario area. The magazine, eLondon, made it for only two years, so I’ve archived what I still have for my own records.
All of these articles were written by myself (Jon Wise) and are theoretically the property of eLondon, or its owners, should they want to claim them again in the future. The posting of these articles does not imply that you have permission to copy or re-use them in any fashion.

Convergence Devices
In these days iPhones and Blackberry’s are common-place. In 2003 such devices were typically reserved for business use. This article was an attempt to explain the classes of devices available at the time. It certainly shouldn’t be considered an accurate depiction of the current market, rather a look back at where things were.
Note that is the raw copy that was submitted to my editor. I don’t have the final published text.

Motorola V600
The V600 was the predecessor of the nearly ubiquitous Moto RAZR, and was, for awhile, the hottest phone on the market. Of course, Motorola has fallen a long way since then. But at the time it was very exciting to have a pre-release V600 handset to review against my current Sony Ericsson T616.
Note that This is the raw copy that was submitted to my editor. I don’t have the final published text.

Buying a Mac as your Business PC
Mac’s weren’t always popular, and although they’ve been on the rise essentially since OS X hit the market following the return of Steve Jobs, their use in business is still a cause for some question. This article was written as a brief primer to buying a Mac, for SOHO users.
This is the near-finished copy, after updates (and extensive slashing of content!) from my editor.

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