The Best Awful

And so begins week #2 of our month apart. We’re planning for a brief respite from our separation this weekend, when I’ll hopefully be able to see my family for a little more than 24 hours (paid for with 18 hours of travel.) Otherwise we’ve been both been busy in our respective countries, taking care of business.
I can’t report much on what Nicole’s been up to, since I’ve been very busy with my own tasks. My goal last week was to re-paint Benjamin’s room as a pre-requisite for tasking it as the storage room… which was a pre-requisite for doing the rest of the apartment. Our place is so tiny that we had boxes jammed in every conceivable corner. When I pulled the furniture out of Ben’s room, there was only a small pathway from the bed to the bathroom to my little square of empty space on the couch where I went to take breaks.
I got it done, though, and you can see the metamorphosis in blurry phone-cam shots in this Flickr set. It was more work than I had thought it would be!
Now the rest of the place has that echoey, empty feeling, like its barely lived in.
I did get to talk to my family on Skype once this weekend — I’m bringing my computer from work home onthe weekends to get some actual computing done. Truth be told, I didn’t have time this week to miss having a computer around.
Ben actually seemed somewhat interested in the screen this time, and toward the end of the conversation even tried to reach out and touch my nose!
The kid’s citizenship paperwork has been submitted, so now the countdown clock is ticking on their Ontario health care. We’ll have to make at least one trip to New York for a doctor’s appointment for Abigail that has to happen while we’re still in our 3 months of limbo between countries. Fortunately, I arranged to keep our NY health insurance for that period. That means, dear New York friends, that we’ll be back in June. Hopefully we can see some of you then.
I can’t say that its fun being away from my family, but so far its been survivable. Things are quiet, and there’s a lot of work to do yet, so it works out good for me. It’ll be nice when we can all live in the same country again, though… even if we will be sleeping on a mattress on a floor for most of the summer.
Nic has been faithfully updating the Flickr feed, so check that out if you’re interested in seeing some adorable kids doing adorable kid things.

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