Getting a New Mattress!

I know this isn’t the kind of news you’re coming to the site looking for these days, but its a big deal for us!
About a year ago we called the store we bought our mattress from to complain about the giant indentation (butt groove, if you will) in our bed. They sent by a “technician” who examined it and told us that, unfortunately, the hole in our mattress was only 1.5 inches deep, and in order to be replaced under warranty it would have to be 2 inches deep.
So we slept on it for another year — the past couple months were me waking up in back agony every day. And finally called for another technician visit. This time we were at the necessary 2 inches.
Now if someone can explain to me how a butt as small as mine can create a 2 inch depression in a mattress, I’ll be very interested to hear it. Nonetheless, its there and they can’t deny it. This afternoon Brooke is taking Benjamin again, to give us a break, and we’re going to pick out our new mattress. My back and I can hardly wait!

2 thoughts on “Getting a New Mattress!

  1. haha – hate to be geekish on this, but I used to be Marketing Manager for Tempur-Pedic in Canada. The coils in the bed only have so much resistance to weight (any amount of weight), so even with prolonged use to a “not-even there” type backend, there is still the concurve of the body that pushes against the springs. Realistically, a spring mattress should ONLY last up to 8 years… with 6 month rotations of your bed (180 turns).
    The bigger the butt (concurve), the bigger the indent – no matter how much weight you have. 🙂
    Hope this alleviates some stres of information? lol!

  2. Chad and I bought a new bedroom set for our new house, and we are counting down the days we can sleep on our new mattress! So we totally understand your excitement!

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