Live from Foxboro

We had a beautiful afternoon in Boston, despite our limitations. Traveling with a baby always adds to the challenge, and Nic’s limited to a waddle, and I hurt my back on Friday (of course, because I always hurt my back when we go somewhere.) So we didn’t have very ambitious goals going in. We hit the MIT Museum in Cambridge, had the Clam Chowder they’ve served at the last 7 Presidential inaugurations at Legal Seafood, looked longingly at the outside of the Boston Aquarium, which closed moments before we got there, and in its place had a stroll through downtown Boston. We also circled Fenway Park, and took some pictures — probably none of which will turn out because the batteries kept dying, and got lost trying to find a Starbucks.
Thanks to our lowered expectations, it was a pretty successful trip. Pictures when we get home…

7 thoughts on “Live from Foxboro

  1. Isn’t that the way it is? We went to Chicago in January and had the world famous deep dish pizza from Giordano’s which was excellent, but the wings we had at Buffalo Wild Wings gave it a big run for the money and Chicago is not famous for them. LOL
    However, the Philly Cheesesteaks are worth the money. That would be in Philadelphia of course. LOL

  2. I have had Buffalo wings from Buffalo — actually from the restaurant they were invented at. And I’ve had a Philly Cheesesteak from Philly (although I wasn’t in Philly when I ate it — but for the record, I have been to Philly.)
    I’m not sure I’ve had Chicago pizza, but have you had French bread in France? :-p

  3. Glad you had a successful visit to Boston. Hang Dong is no Boston and the hotel is the worst I have seen since Bangladesh. We all discovered today that our mattresses were upside down and we were sleeping on the boards. Tonight looks more promising for sleep! I didn’t get up the courage to taste the gelled pork blood for lunch.
    It is an amazing workshop though and I have met some really great people so it is all worth it.

  4. Up the upside I had Mom’s curry which she thoughtfully made a big batch of before she left, and I wouldn’t trade it for all the cheesesteaks in Philly!

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