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Someone who randomly pops into our life, says something smart, then disappears for awhile, randomly popped into my life via IM today and asked why we weren’t blogging about the current pregnancy very much. So this one’s for Tara, and anyone else wondering…
It’s not a real big mystery. See we’ve been pregnant for the past 2 years, so its lost a lot of intrigue and excitement.
It’s not literally 2 years of course. There was a brief respite in there about 7 months ago, when I had my shapely wife back. But I promptly knocked her up again, and she’s back to cankles, and I’m back to bending at the waist to give her a hug — when we’re both standing up.

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Yup, pregnancy #2 is progressing about as you’d expect. Better than the first one, in fact, so there hasn’t even been an excuse for an up-to-date ultrasound. The last one showed a nose, mouth and ears, so we’re assuming Abigail will look like a human when she’s done baking. We’ll find out in about 7 weeks.
Aside from a healthy, normal gestation, we’ve had a lot of other, more pressing, issues to focus on…
Thing #1 has had an ear infection for the past 3 months. When Nicole pointed out that it might be affecting his hearing, and thus his language acquisition, we pushed very aggressively to get this dealt with as soon as possible. They originally told us it would be another month before we could even see a specialist, but a phone call from a pushy dad got us in a lot earlier.
The specialist told us about what we already knew, and Benjamin is going to have minor surgery in February to have tubes put in his ears. This is a little scary for us, because it involves a General Anesthetic, which means he’ll be right out for about 20 minutes. But its a pretty routine operation, so we probably have nothing to worry about.
Right now his hearing is a “tiny bit below average” so we’re gonna nip this in the bud before it becomes a problem for him.
So that’s February. Abi’s due in March, but before she arrives we need to get our tax money back, plan for Nic’s move in April and arrange the movers for the big haul in May. Couple that with an upcoming release date at work, and we’re pretty much too busy to worry about things we can’t control. Abi will arrive when she’s ready, and Ben will adapt — kids usually do.
So far he’s doing fine with the belly. Sometimes he pets it like the cat — we’re teaching him “gentle” since he also likes to pull the cats tail. Once he thought it would be funny to smack the belly. He doesn’t think that any more.
We are, of course, looking forward to a bigger family, and to a smaller Nicole, but these things have happened on their own timing for thousands of years, and now that we’ve got the experience well documented, we really only think about it if something unusual happens. And so far it hasn’t…
7 weeks and counting. We’ll be sure to let you all know when it goes down 😉

6 thoughts on “Baby Update

  1. LMAO! So I am randomly popping in AGAIN to say THANKS for the update there MR. quippy! Good to know these things. James had the same thing done when he was 18 months. Only he had to wait 9 months for surgery thanks to the cdn government.

  2. I actually had tubes put in when I was very young as well. I must have been only two or three. One of my earliest childhood memories is the doctor putting the cup over my nose and mouth and asking if there were any chickens on the farm where we lived at the time. The tubes are meant to naturally fall out over time. (At least the ones that I had were. They do make some kinds that have to be removed.) But for some reason the one in my right ear never fell out and had to be removed when I was 12. Rest assured, everything will go fine.

  3. I’ve had the surgery 12 times and look how I turned out. Other than the odd head twitch and periodic freak out, I’ve had no side effects. LOL
    It’s all good and this is quite a common practice among children. You would probably be surprised as to how many children get tubes.
    Anyways, we will be praying for you guys through this time.

  4. Sorry to hear that your son needs ear tubes. Let me say though, as a dad who’s son has had 2 sets of them now, that they are a bother, yes, and you constantly have to think about them, especially when it rains or they go to somewhere like daycare, where they have a water table, but they do good!
    Since my son had his first set put in about a year and a 1/2 ago, he has not had one ear infection. Its great! The downfall is CONSTANTLY keeping an eye on him/her to ensure that not even a drop of water gets to the ear(s). This is difficult, but doable.
    One suggestion, especially for the bath, is to bet the ear bandit ( We have a couple of them and they work great. We put his ear plugs in that his doctor made and the ear bandit holds them in and covers the ears. It has kept all the water out of his ears during bath time. they have ear plugs as well, but we have only used the ones the doctor made.
    Good luck to him and to you guys with the new one on the way!!

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