What's happening to me?

Last week I downloaded some music from Journey.
Yesterday I was strangely driven to download some from Kansas
Let me be clear, early 80s music has never before appealed to me. Is this some side effect of aging? Does everyone, at some point in their life, find themselves drawn to the music they might have heard while they were in the womb? Cause I’m listening to ‘Carry on my Wayward Son’ and find it oddly… rockin…

2 thoughts on “What's happening to me?

  1. your funny….. you can find all those types of songs on B95.5 or 99.5!!! LOL… you should listen to Delilah! Your going soft!!!!!

  2. Well… that or you just have a desire to be cool and listen to some awesome classic rock. But its odd picturing you try to like anything but Weezer really. All I keep picturing is Buddy Holly and that Mac Plus from your last post now.

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