Holding my Breath

Today is beta test day for my project. This is where customers actually get to use it against their data and see what they think. Its too late to make any big changes to the code, but this is kind of an indicator of how well the project will be accepted in the market. They’ll also get the opportunity to pinpoint any functionality holes or bugs — giving me a little under a week to react!
On top of that its MacWorld day, and every good Mac Geek will be refreshing their favourite gadget blog all afternoon to find out what Steve wants us to buy next. This is like the Super Bowl (or Stanley Cup if you’re Canadian) of geekdom, and I can’t wait to see what the coolest computer company ever is going to unleash this year! I’m almost more excited about their projects than my own. Even my boss, a recent Mac convert, seems a little torn over which presentation to pay attention to…

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