Please don't stop the music – a Benjamin update from Nicole

Despite having an ear infection for the past 2 months, Benjamin is doing great and still making us laugh.

Since the last big update Ben now has 4 teeth, two on the top, huge ones that look like Chiclets, and two on the bottom. I think some more might be coming in soon. He is walking with much more confidence and turning around great. I don’t know that I would say he is graceful at it yet but getting better everyday or at least with as much grace as any of my kids will have since they have me as their mother.

He now also attempts to run — but as some parents know their feet sometimes just won’t move as fast as they would like and he ends up doing a face plant on the floor. He doesn’t do it so much now but he used to point at something and then walk or run to it, making you wonder what is he doing and what is he looking at!
One of his newest things is peek-a-boo – where he’s the one hiding. He does it mostly after a bath and he’s wrapped up in the towel, he laughs and laughs even though eventually he has uncovered himself except for a tiny piece of towel covering his face. Another is hide and seek… Say you’re in the kitchen and he leaves and walks around a corner and you say “Where’s Benjamin?” a couple times and he will then come back around the corner with a great big grin and a laugh, and back he goes to hiding…he’ll do this for about 5 minutes. Laughing with glee the whole time.
Also I wish we could catch this on camera because it is very hard to describe but Ben has this new smile/grin that’s so weird and silly looking, it is a very big toothy grin from ear to ear and he eyes get all squished too…see very hard to explain. I’ll try to get a picture of him doing it, maybe.

The other day I was working on the computer and Benjamin had knocked over our wall mirror — I thought nothing of it since he loves to smile and wave at himself. Then suddenly he starts freaking out and I look over and he is trying to get to us in the bedroom but can’t because the mirror is on the floor completely blocking the doorway. It was face-up and he couldn’t cross it, because he was apparently scared that he might fall in! I go rescue him and then we start to play with the mirror on the floor so he won’t freak out next time it happens…since then he has walked on a tiny bit of the mirror to get by but only if he is holding on to the wall!

Ben also loves music and loves to dance but he can be picky with his music. He won’t dance and get all excited about every song but when he hears one he likes his feet start going and his arms start waving, almost like he is trying to fly away. Sometimes instead of moving his feet and hands he just does a kind of bounce but that normally leads to him falling over because he gets too excited!

For those who are wondering, he’s feeling much better. Our New Year’s eve stomach problems made all of our tummies a little tender, and Benjamin took the longest to get back to normal. Finally this week he’s started eating (and sleeping) like his old self again.

3 thoughts on “Please don't stop the music – a Benjamin update from Nicole

  1. I love his teeth, Nic! Chiclets are a fabulous description! I also love that funny smile. I think he loves music because of all the loud concerts he was exposed to in his first 6 months (albeit through huge noise reducing headphones, but still).

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