More Birthdays

Today’s my birthday — which means it’s also Nic’s sister’s birthday. Happy Birthday Pammy!
I am now officially in my “late 20s.” Blech.
Shout-outs to Bill Coleman too, for his birthday on Wednesday. He remains older than me.

8 thoughts on “More Birthdays

  1. Happy Birthday Jon. This is the first time I have actually responded. Aren’t you proud of me?
    Have a great day Love Mom and Dad

  2. Happy bday FSM!!!!!! My internet connection was down so I’m sorry I couldn’t wish you one on the day of (we also don’t have running water, and there is a bear hanging around this week). Hope you had a great day and will have a fabulous year to follow!!! If I were anywhere near Albany, I would insist on helping you celebrate.

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