Points of Consternation

– I hate July. This is the most useless month ever. I haven’t spend so much time sitting on my hands since we moved here and didn’t know anyone. There’s nothing to do but work, and spend half the month missing my wife and son, and I hate it. Work is empty and meaningless. I miss student ministry, and I can’t wait for August.
– They opened our mail… Yesterday we received a much delayed letter from friends of ours who live in Malaysia — missionaries, in fact. It was an update newsletter, completely innocuous and certainly in no way subversive. Nonetheless, it came from a Muslim country, and we are foreign nationals. So they cut it open, apparently examined the contents, then delivered it to us — they didn’t even bother hiding it, or re-sealing it. It was like an ominous warning in our mailbox.
There was no suspicious white power around the edges. It wasn’t a parcel or package, and it wasn’t ticking. It was pictures of their new baby, and stories of their ministry to people in need… But somehow, that was worth looking into. We’re here legally, working legitimately on an American Visa, and we spend our spare time volunteering at church. We have nothing to hide, and they’re welcome to read all our mail — they can pay our bills too, while they’re at it. But it kinda makes you wonder if things are getting better or worse

2 thoughts on “Points of Consternation

  1. Tribal Chxtians in Sabah and Sarawak, provinces in Malaysia, cannot be hired in any gov’t job unless they renounce their allegiance to the real God and adopt the “national” faith first. Going the other way, if one who was born into the national faith renounces it, he/she must also give up their nationality.

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