Getting Her Geek On

So I’m usually recognized as being the geek in the house, but few people know that my beautiful bride is quite a geek herself — and I’m not just talking about her penchant for spreadsheet and budgets. She was the one who got me into watching Stargate, and one of our first conversations together before we started dating was about Star Trek.
She isn’t a gadget hound like me, although she’s been very tolerant toward my attempts at streamlining our life with technology — even giving up her beloved PVR full of JAG episodes so that we could switch to Internet-delivered TV content. But she does like Harry Potter — which I definitely do not.
potterhallowsbook.jpgAt home she used to go with one of her best friends, Megan, to see each movie, and she’s read every one of the books. Well tonite the latest, and I gather final, book in the series is being released at 12:01, and like I checked out, then got in the line up for, the iPhone, Nic is going to go down to our local Border’s to see if she can snag herself a copy. I couldn’t quite persuade myself to indulge in this particular geek-fest, so Shannon is going along. Benjamin’s eaten his last meal of the night, and hopefully will sleep through it, because the girls just left to see the latest Harry Potter movie at the theater before they hit the bookstore at midnight.
Although I can’t share her excitement for the young wizards (I made an honest attempt to watch the first movie, but I fell asleep during that game they play chasing a ball around in the air on their broomsticks) but I do appreciate the need to geek out every once in awhile. In fact, I myself plan on watching Sci-Fi on our Internet-connected TV tonite until I pass out…

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