The Clock Says its 9:25…

But my body is pretty sure that’s 2 hours slow.
VPT: tubing would have been fun, but I don’t think it woulda been as much fun as a giant hour long snow ball fight in snow up to my knees… You guys rock!

10 thoughts on “The Clock Says its 9:25…

  1. Your back. My back, feet, knees and shoulders.
    I’m getting a little old for full-tackle capture the flag, and I’m pretty sure there’s still snow in my brain from the point blank snow balls to the ears.

  2. O yes super super fun, that was deffinetly the work out for the week, or month whichever =) i totally enjoyed that it was like my first time since like what….7 yrs ago, w0w but hey u should be greatful you had the wonderful musicians on ur ctf team ;)and rock climbing? howd that come up? Fun day!!!!!

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