11 thoughts on “How To Understand Your Screaming Demon-Child

  1. This is absolutely hilarious!!! I am going to make all my friends here watch it…which will pretty much guarantee that none will ever choose to reproduce!

  2. All I have to say Jon, is that I’m glad you’ve found more creative and productive expressions of your frustration, and you haven’t just thrown Benjamin through a wall!
    I love the bodily function story too – I’m still laughing!

  3. love it. i made jason watch it and then asked him if it makes him very excited about our new arrival. i dont think he is. lol. but i am!!!! your a genious.

  4. ok…we loved this video…we were working away and it gave us a good ‘laugh break’ – only because our baby is still tucked away INSIDE Mommy! 🙂
    Great video!

  5. Our little guy was born two days after yours and your video really got it right! Thanks for the laugh!

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