Rest assured that your baby simply hates you irrationally.

Wow! That documentary was popular! At 691 views so far, that’s easily the most popular movie I’ve ever posted online! Glad you all enjoyed it.
Actually Benjamin isn’t that bad. The video was shot over about a half an hour — I just kept picking him up and putting him in different places. Each time I picked him up, he’d stop screaming, and I’d worry that I wouldn’t get the next shot done, but as soon as I set him down, he’d bawl like the world was ending, and I’d start recording again. But I wanted everyone to see that babies aren’t just cute — they’re also extremely loud.
For the past month, every week, Benjamin and I have been bundling up our gear and heading to Vertical alone, so that Nic could have a baby-free night off. This has been challenging for me, to juggle production, plus conversation, plus baby, but it’s helped that as soon as I arrive, a half dozen moms and someday-moms swarm around my son, clucking and cooing and offering to change his diaper. And everyone always says “What a good baby you have! He’s so quiet!”
Now they know the real story! Here’s some other things you might not know about the challenges of becoming parents…
– When you take a week off of unpaid leave to spend with your wife and newborn child, your employer may cancel your benefits and take you off the payroll by accident. It may then take them 3 weeks to get the problem fixed.
– Circumcision costs $300. The bill will probably arrive during the 3 week period in which you are not getting paid.
– No matter how good you are at taking care of your baby, someone will always have some suggestions for you — even if they’ve never had kids themselves.
– Your baby will invariably have explosive poops immediately after you change him.

6 thoughts on “Rest assured that your baby simply hates you irrationally.

  1. Awww, that’s so nice that you have so much help from your church family! 😀 I can’t imagine what it is like to have a human being to take care of pretty much 24 hours a day. It is nice that you give Nicole some time to herself–us girls need some “pamper myself” girly time now and then! 😛
    I’m not too keen on the whole “explosive” poop thing…hmmmm…might be changing my mind AGAIN about whether I would like kids or not. 😛

  2. Ahhhh, you are learning these things much before we did! Just wait until you get to laugh at everyone who is following in your footsteps. Then it really gets interesting.

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