New Role, Less Travel…

A few months ago there was an opening in the education team, working with a local company, among others, that I talked to my manager about going after. Unfortunately, by the time I was done talking, the position was filled. Well, that position re-opened last week, and this time I jumped on it. On the advice of my manager, director, some respected co-workers, and an external career mentor, and with the blessing of my GM, I’m moving out of the manufacturing industry, and into education.
This is exciting in a couple ways.
First, its a departure from the vertical that I’ve spent 12 successful years in. Manufacturing has been good to me, and I’ve built up a good network, good knowledge-base and command a solid degree of respect in discussions about manufacturing software. When my sometimes relatively youthful looks don’t lend the credibility I need, my resume gets me a seat at the table. To step out of that arena and into a new one is a little nerve-wracking. There’ll be new players, new terminology and different needs for the partners I work with. But I’m not entirely green to it either — having watched my dad, who’s a educator, enjoy and/or complain about the software he uses for years. It should be a fun challenge, but not an overwhelming one.
Second, as I mentioned earlier, the travel is much more local. I’ll have 4 partners I’m working with, but 3 are on the east coast, and one exciting one is right here in town. That means a 20 minute drive to meet with an important and agile influencer in this space — instead of a 6 hour journey across the continent!
Of course it’ll be hard to hand-off the great partners I’ve been working with, and the great pipeline of projects I’d invested in, but growth means change, and I positively savour new adventures. Nicole probably won’t complain too much about having me a little closer to home either.
I’m going to add, on the spiritual front, that, as per usual, I have no idea why God continues to bless my career — and its our hope and prayer that He’s going to do something with this equipping, other than just bless us. He definitely seems to have had this in play, even when I got hit by a car and had to sell my sweet, but totally unpresentable old beater, and replace it with a ridiculously ostentatious-looking, yet not-that-expensive, luxury sedan completely appropriate for visiting partner sites.

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  1. God has been good, and I rejoice in your news. I rejoice too in the fact that you and I will have something else in common to talk about. Education is becoming more and more technology based (digital books, e-learning, blended learning, student platforms such as BB9, etc). My own career has moved dramatically in this direction since I began teaching in Malaysia, and it is only going to escalate. I look forward to hearing about what educational products your company has in store. Don’t rule out the possibility of presenting some of these products to my college in the future. I am not as well connected as some in this system, but I am not without influence either.

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