Changes in Plans

The VUE is paid off, and it turns out we really like not having a car payment. Yes, we dislike driving our creaking old tank of a vehicle, but not as much as we dislike being slaves to the bank. So we’re going to keep it. Its still road worthy, and when my bonus gets paid out we’ll put a little money into some of its more pressing problems, but we’ve decided there might be some better things to do with the sizeable monthly expenditure going into vehicles.
Speaking of which, I’m about to be debt free for the first time in over 10 years! We can hardly wait.
Now that college is all paid off, I think I’ll… go do some more college.
Just down the road from us is a world class Bible College and Seminary, and some friends of ours challenged us to pursue some formal equipping. This is the third time I’ve applied there — both other times God closed the door. This time it looks like its swinging open — despite a minor roadblock due to my previous educational experience. But God handled that, so for the next 4 years or so, it seems I’ll be working on a 1 year Seminary certificate in Theological studies…
The only other thing we’ve got spinning is our long awaited kitchen renovation. Its likely to be a year-long project, cause we’re looking at about a $5000 budget, and we’re not willing to dip back into debt to do it.
Being a grown-up is actually a lot of work.

One thought on “Changes in Plans

  1. Yes, but with your comments you just about nailed it. It’s WONDERFUL what you can actually do with your money when you’re not beholden to anyone (dept free). Congrats! And as to your new schooling, I think it fits you nicely. It fits right in with your journey in life with God. Happy studying!

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