Everyone Goes to Washington (D.C.)

Next week is the World Wide Partner Conference — this year’s in Washington D.C. I and my colleagues both at my company, and my partner’s, will be attending keynotes, vision talks and social events.
Nic and the kids will be coming along, and will be connecting with some old friends to tour the town, and visit some of its famous sites and museums.
In fact, the last time we were in D.C. was in 2006 with the very same folks — only Benjamin was just a bump in Nic’s belly back then.

Although I’m there for work, and will have a pretty packed schedule, this does buy us something of a vacation together, my portion of the cost covered by my travel budget, which is a real blessing. After Asia this year, we haven’t got a lot of extra spending money, so its nice to have a chance to do something as a family — even if we have to road trip it!
God truly does provide for all our needs.

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