3 Generations of iPods too

iPod Photo 30GB, 1st Gen iPhone 4GB, 3rd Gen iPhone (3GS) 32GB…

My new iPhone 3GS is amazing — this is close to being a perfect device. I used almost every feature of it this weekend.
– GPS, even using only Google Maps, is leaps and bounds better than the original iPhone’s A-GPS. The location dot followed me almost to the foot. It saved my butt more than once while I was dashing around town doing things that needed to be done before the big day.
– Tethering is incredible. American iPhone users are (for once) the unlucky ones, cause they don’t have this yet. I tethered my iPhone to my MacBook both over USB and Bluetooth and its really, really fast and really easy too.
– The camera is a big improvement too. It still works best in well-lit situations, but the improved resolution and faster shutter time make it much more useful. The video camera takes smoother video clips than our full-sized digicam.
– The “S is for Speed” may sound cheesy, but its true. Everything you do is almost 50% faster on the new iPhone. I’m going to have to eBay a bunch of gadgets to make up the money I blew on this one, but it’ll be worth it.
If you’ve been considering an iPhone, or a smart phone in general, get the 3GS — you won’t be disappointed!
Update: Here’s an incredible true story about “Find My iPhone” — a killer feature available on the new iPhone OS.

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